Content Management

A Content Management System (or CMS) is a special web site tools that allows the owner to easily and instantly update the site.

Don’t panic !

If you are too busy to manage your website content, simply send me the resources; I am available to update your website for you, as and when you require.

Content is any element on a web page. An element can be text, an image, a link, or a downloadable object, such as an audio or video file, or PDF or Word document.

Content Management System

This is an example of a in a content management text editing toolbar used to edit website pages.

Advantages of a Content Management System

  • You will never again have to wait or pay for someone else to make your web updates
  • You get to see Content Management System changes online instantly.
  • You can display product/service lines – add, modify and remove pages at will.
  • You can expand or decrease your site as and when needed.
  • See benefits in Google rankings due to regular content changes and updates via our Content Management System.
  • You can easily upload multimedia files and documents with Content Management System for sharing with your online audience or community.
  • You can insert files such as Microsoft Word and Excel documents, Adobe Acrobat files, and (up to 32MB)  movie, and sound files and embed youtube files and more.

I supply quick start manuals, training and ongoing support.

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