Four Quick Tips For Choosing A Steel Mace Certification

More and more people understand the importance of exercising regularly with a steel mace and having an active lifestyle. They seek professional help in order to help them achieve their fitness goals. A personal trainer or fitness instructor has great scope training with a steel mace, training with a steel mace is fun but you need to know what you’re doing. Various steel mace qualifications are available in the market that will help you kick-start your fitness career.

The credentials of a personal trainer determine the clientele that he/she gets. The first step is to get certified from one of the steel mace courses available in the market. Prospective clients often check the trainer background for his/her qualifications, experience and any relevant training that he/she might have undergone.

Getting certified from a recognized university or company is a huge advantage here. It is better to be associated with a university or company that offers a wide range of training courses. This allows you to upgrade your knowledge and credentials at a later stage, a great place to start is


Specialisation is important

Before choosing your steel mace course, it is important to know what you want to specialize in. The fitness industry is so vast that there are a number of training areas that you can specialize in.
Some of the options are weight loss, body toning, sports training, injury rehabilitation training, maternity fitness, muscle building, senior citizen fitness, disease-specific training or weight loss for specific areas of the body such as thighs, waist, stomach, arms or legs. Deciding on the field that you want to specialize in, will help you invest your efforts, resources and finances in that direction.

Decide what you want to do
Fitness industry experts have lots of options to choose from. You can choose to start your own personal training business and work for yourself. You get the advantage of the running your business the way you want to and choose how to make profits. However, here you have to market your business yourself and procure clients for your services. The Steel Mace Australia Insta page has lots of great tips that will help you get started.

The second option is to work for a gym. You get the advantage of having a steady income and you do not have to do any marketing. Your job will be to train the clients who avail the gym memberships. The third option is to become an industry expert and write fitness books, online articles, websites, blogs and have fitness seminars, discussions or speeches at various locations.

Stay updated
It is important for a personal trainer to stay updated with the current fitness industry trends, knowledge about new health or exercise equipment, latest studies about fitness, diet and health and any new other developments in the industry. The best way to stay updated is by constant networking with other fitness industry professionals by way of attending seminars, discussions, exhibitions, health expos etc. Reading latest books written by industry experts, health articles, blogs etc are also a great source of knowledge. Stay in touch with your instructors, course-mates and peers to help you grown in the industry.

Choosing the right steel mace certification from the many personal trainer courses available in the market is extremely important. They can help you enhance your skills, knowledge and provide you with the right credentials to start off in the fitness industry.

Personal Training Certifications Teach Business

For a personal trainer, the internet and social media offers a huge number of fitness marketing options to grow and expand your business. Using an online video to attract new customers and increase memberships is one of the most popular and effective ways to market your fitness business. Use this tool wisely to help your business boost sales and get more clients.

Client testimonials
This is one of the most powerful online Fitness Web Design tools. Writing a short paragraph on what the client has to say about your services is not as effective and powerful as a testimonial video.

Get a few clients to review your services, results achieved and training programs and make a short video of the testimonial. Use this video on your social media page, website, blogs and other sources to increase the credentials of your business and get your business new clients.

The Dangerously Fit Academy Personal Training Certification now runs a course called PT Supremacy.

PT Supremacy show personal trainers how to market themselves, how to run a business and how to sell.

As far as I’m aware, The Dangerously Fit Academy is the only personal trainer course in Spain that has a proper business course as part of their qualification.

Whether your a personal trainer, gym owner, pilates studio owner, yoga instructor, boot camp trainer, certified kettlebell instructor, Crossfit box or group fitness instructor…. knowing how to market yourself is a must!


When undergoing PT certifications there is one thing you learn that may sound strange, but mental peace and acceptance is as important to any fitness training as the physical activities involved. When you go in for fitness training, besides the body adjustments you are looking for, you also need to develop new healthy habits on a long term basis.

Such long term commitment requires a strong mental approach. You need to be mentally strong to commit to the workout routine on a regular basis. At times missing a couple of sessions can lead to your mind adjusting to no-workout days – and missing out can become a habit.
What a lifetime commitment requires

You will also learn during your PT courses that like getting involved in any serious activity your mind has to make necessary adjustments to cope with the timing, opportunity and activity itself. Fitness training can involve many ups and downs it can challenge your physical readiness as also your food intake. There will be days when you might feel like throwing in the towel and going back to square one. This is where you have to take hold of your doubts and persevere. Only then will you have a chance of succeeding.


Face facts
You may often feel ‘why me’? Why am I so out of shape and need to go through fitness training? Do not pity yourself. Every person is different with different needs. You may be a bit on the bulky side so would like to lose some flab. Someone else may be too thin and need to build muscle.

There may be others who seem to you to have perfect bodies. Then why do they train? Because to maintain that well shaped body it needs constant working out and a state of healthy living. So if you need to do workouts to trim down, do not indulge in self pity. Take hold of your doubts and negative ideas and discard them. Adopt a positive attitude and focus on why you are training.
Slowly your efforts will show fruit and from there you can build a stronger approach. Along with exercising you will also need to adopt new eating habits to sustain good health. Just doing a few workouts here and there is not going to cut it. You have to take on the challenge long term.

‘Momentum’ helps
Once you get into the mood for training, you get swallowed up in a kind of positive force. Say you are able to lose a good few pounds in a planned period. Do not allow yourself to lose that force. Even if you find you have not made any progress, keep up a positive attitude. If you need to take it easy and swallow the disappointment, do so. But do not stop the training. Each small step will get you closer to your goal.

In time the fruits of your labour will show and you will see a leaner stronger person in the mirror with increased energy levels. You will recall that to reach the unhealthy stage it took your body some time. So also to get it back to being fit and healthy, you need to give it time. The important thing is to take the first step.