A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Fit with a Bondi Personal Trainer

Can you feel your waistline growing wider? Are you unhappy that your clothes do not fit you well enough? Are you not feeling in the pink of health? It is an issue that needs to be dealt seriously. You need to start exercising and do it now.

The common fear is what kind of work out routine to follow, what kind of diet plan to initiate so shed those extra calories as soon as possible. Will it backfire or will it be enough? In such cases, to avoid this mental agony – the simplest solution is to consult or hire a personal trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer is necessary, if you are beginner. Personal trainers guide you in the right way, keeping your mental stamina and physical strength of your body. When you are choosing a Bondi personal trainer Facebook, make sure you verify his or her credentials, so that you know you are getting the best in the business. It is necessary that you also create a good work relationship with your personal trainer so that you are able to push your limits when you shift to intense workouts.

The following reasons will make you realise how a Bondi personal trainer is the answer to a beginner’s guide.

Getting Fit for Beginners

Power Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are practice of your mental, physical and spiritual growth. You may learn or know all the asanas, but which asana should you begin with – be it the simple suryasana or pranayam, that only a personal trainer will be able to guide you better. While the benefits of yoga are slow but permanent, your trainer will let you know the fastest way to ensure that your regain your health. We can also tell the same about pilates training.


Hitting the gym is also a great idea. You can keep doing cardio exercises up to a certain extent. After that, your body will need to go to the next level of exercises or else you will it a stagnant phase. A Bondi personal trainer will help you adopt to the next level of intense work outs. It will push your limits but also tone your muscles. As a result, you will have a planned strategy to make your body fitter.

Intense physical exercise

You can go for defence classes, or Krav Maga or even boxing. Such physical exercises come with an added benefit – you not only have a stronger body, but you also learn how to defend yourself. Of course, it goes without saying that for such exercises, you do need a Bondi trainer who will take personal interest in teaching you.


This is a fun way to exercise. You have to put on some music and let your body move – of course, in a set of exercises. Aerobics is also helps you loosen your muscles and makes your body very flexible. This form of exercise is often recommended for women who want to get back into shape after delivering a child.

Reasons to stay healthy and fit

Who does not want to look better and be healthier? This can be achieved if you join a body transformation in Melbourne which will help you to gain muscle, lose weight and increase your levels of energy.

It requires the right amount of will

Want to know the best way to lose weight?Everyone knows that eating the right food and going for work-outs will definitely help to keep themselves fit. But not everyone has the commitment and will to follow the strict regime required to do the needful. Early morning workouts and skipping a lot of favourite foods might just act as a barrier to keeping healthy and fit. If these are your reasons for wavering, try joining a body transformation in Melbourne, it will definitely help you to stay fit and healthy for the following reasons:

Melbourne Body Transformation

Live to the fullest

When you join a body transformation in Melbourne you will be able to overcome many obstacles with regard to staying in shape. As you increase in age, your health should not fall into ‘bedridden’ category. You should be healthy enough face the challenges old age brings on and be able to function as independently as possible. Enjoy being able to blow the candles out as each birthday comes and goes.

Staying energetic

Whether young or old, staying energetic is a big advantage. So you should make a start now. Join a body transformation in Melbourne. The workouts involved like yoga, walking, cycling etc. will give you the energy your body requires for the day. By exercising your feeling-good endorphins are released and besides helping you to feel much better, they also build up the energy levels.

An important fall-out of being healthy

Looking and feeling good is not just a physical attribution. With regular diet and exercise you can keep at bay toxins which bring on many infections and diseases. A good lifestyle will also help control hypertension and instead build good cholesterol levels. So illnesses like diabetes etc. are not likely to attack.

Avoiding medical costs

If you are fit and healthy, for sure you will not have to go in for regular medical treatment. This results in not incurring high medical costs. A study reveals that people who do not look after their health and become obese need to incur higher medical expenses that say their counterparts of the same age, who have not kept fit. If your body is fit and healthy you will definitely live longer and be in better shape. So make a start now, join a body transformation in Melbourne and let such transformation pour out its benefits to help you as you get older.

Levels of confidence

When you look good and feel good it will definitely increase your confidence levels. People too will react to you more positively. You will be able to wear the type of clothes you desire, without appearing out of shape. More than just physical improvements, your body will reward you with good teeth, skin and nails – and a natural glow that can be brought about by going through a body transformation in Melbourne.